Extreme SEO panel Q&A at A4Uexpo 2009

  Who was there? Dave Naylor (Bronco) Ciaran Norris (altogetherdigital) Marcus Tandler (Mediadonis) Joost de Valk (Orange Valley) Dixon Jones (Receptional) Bob Rains   Who talked more than anyone? Dave Naylor (of course!) and Dixon   What were the highlights? * Dixon is in favor of Yahoo! answers as a free links source that is … Continue reading Extreme SEO panel Q&A at A4Uexpo 2009

Google Music Search

I guess I'm a late waker (I blame the lack of time behind the 24 hours limit) , but only today I've noticed the option of Music Search by Google and was really thrilled by it. I know that the vertical search is "live and kicking" and yet I haven't noticed this "search music" button … Continue reading Google Music Search

Google Adwords’ Run for the Money

Two months ago we were announced that Google adwords allow gambling ads in the UKNow it says the same about advertising alcohol on Google adwords in US.Does any of you share the same annoying feeling that in the face of the world economic threat Google decided to loose its moral restrictions?Please don't misunderstand me – … Continue reading Google Adwords’ Run for the Money