My SEO highlights for 2006

What should we expect from online world now that 2007 is here?
Will online marketing change its ways?
Will SEO remain the same or maybe google and other search engines will suprise us all by going out with their own seo devision?
Will we all keep on chasing after top keywords at the top of search results?
seriously, I don’t know.
Everything can happen just as nothing can. 
The least I can do is summarize the passing year, hoping this will tell something of what will happen…

However, since so many websites and blogs in the industry had already summarized 2006 from online marketing point of view (see also searchenginewatch)  I decided to keep this summary on a personal level and write about the new things I had learned in the year that passed, or, as I see it – SEO top things I learned on 2006 and must never forget:

The short way is the long way (and vice versa)
Taking short-cuts, when it comes to SEO practice, will almost always end up in working much harder, walking a longer path then you would even if you took the longer path right from the begining.
SEO requires long-term planning. Getting into buying tons of links or uploading thousands of articles in order to promote your site in serach engines can get you to the top quite fast but then, faster than you realise – you’ll get to the bottom… 
BlackHatSeo, as it is called,  is very tempting, but we all should stay away from that.
If you want your site to really succeed, take the long hard way and you’ll smile all the way to the top.

The last click is the user’s
No matter how hard you’ll try to make it to the top of SERP, you should never forget it is all about the users, not search engines.
You can get great votes from very qualitive sites, but the last click is the user’s and no one else.
Type one of your highly competitive keyword at search engine’s search box, click on the result where your site is and ask yourself – Is this site (or page) what I’ve been looking for?
If your answer is “yes”, now it’s the time to tap on your shoulders, and I’m more than willing to join you on this one.
however, if you hesitate or your answer is somehow negative – you must do some rethinking…
Make your site a user friendly one and search engines will follow the votes of your users.

Innovate yourself whenever you can
Don’t ever say “everyone else did it so it must be the sure thing”. Use others experience and success for learning, not imitating. If you want your site to be “one in a million”, you must think different from all the others.
Be unique, think originally and don’t stop trying new things whenever you can. Even if your site is very popular and your traffic is higher than the one on highways (or google) don’t ever rest on your laurels.
Even loyal visitors will end up walking away to someone else’s site if you won’t give them what they want. Keep your site alive and your traffic will keep on coming.

Content is the King but so is Elvis Presley
following the above, Elvis Presley is remembered as the King only because he did things differently. He was white man with a voice of black who knew how to shake his thighs like no one before him.
If you’re into satisfying  search engines’ lust for content, do not forget that content is the king only when it says something new, fresh, original. Don’t copy others and don’t duplicate your own content – grant your visitors (and search engines) with something they can remember and think about long after they’ll finish their reading. Do this and you’ll probably double your traffic as well as your inbound links.

Embrace the question mark to your heart
Keep on asking questions (How can I improve my site, my traffic? Should I do things differently? Have I tried anything? What’s going on in my industry, in online marketing?) and force yourself to learn new things everyday. Doubt whatever you do and strive for improving your site or your business. There’s no such thing as perfection, but you surely can get closer to it, as long as you keep on trying.
I’m still learning new things on SEO and online marketing every single day… 🙂

What do you think?
Had this post told you something you didn’t know?
Do you have anything to add?

Feel free to comment…


One Response to My SEO highlights for 2006

  1. Natanel says:

    Roni, great article! i’ll sure going to use your suggestions in the near future.

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