Video Blogs and The Written Word

It began somewhere at the beginning of the 21st century, meaning I had 6 to 7 years to get used to it, but I hadn’t. Sorry, but I’m a person of written words. If it wasn’t for the internet revolution, I’d still be writing my journal in some notebook, using a pen, sending real letters (and not some electronic version of them) to the people I love.
But time has changed and ‘though *Vlogs (=Video Blogs) are not even getting near my cup of tea, they are out there and I can not ignore them. Last week, reviewing my daily newsletter from “Online Marketing Blog” I found myself forced to watch one of WebProNews videos. No one held a gun to my head, but I knew Lee Odden was there, and he’s one of my favorites, so I “did my click”.

I had survived the whole video interview, ‘though I had to stop and replay it for several times since my partner kept on asking me some irrelative questions.
At the end of it I couldn’t stop wandering: WHAT THE HECK?!?
What is it with people who want to see and to be seen? Why is the sense of sight so strong we can’t stay away from visuals? I guess there are tons of answers for these questions, such as “this is the universal language anyone can understand”, but I don’t buy it. Give it to me in words, written words!

But WebProNews apparently did give to me…Finishing watching the video, I discovered some written (!!!) quotations below. Thanks God and Hallelujah and wasn’t that very smart of WebProNews?
Maybe they did it because search engines like content more than almost anything else, but so do I and it worked for me.
So, please, I’m begging you all –
If you’re also suffering from the visual-disease, video addicted, whatever, don’t you ever forget search engines and people like me. Give us some written words. They’re like images to our eyes…* Leran more about Vlog by Wikipedia.


2 Responses to Video Blogs and The Written Word

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Roni. We take writing for our video blog seriously and appreciate knowing that others enjoy the supplement. We’ll keep writing, if you keep reading. 🙂

  2. seosos says:

    Thanks Charlie,
    believe me – I will!

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