Links to Link Baiting Sources

I can write about link baiting and the most effective ways to do it right, as well as how to develop links and get better rankings, but so many others had already done it and they done it so well…
Instead, I offer you a short cut to most of the valuable articles I ran into:
Link Bait definition by Wikipedia
Link baiting and Effective Link Building – Hooks for building link popularity.
Examples of link baiting by SEOBOOK
Link Baiting and Viral Campaigns – Some highlights from the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose.
Link Bait and Better Rankings – looking at link baiting as simply being original.
Link Baiting and Social Media Marketing – by Andy Hagans. Highly recommended.
3 Link Bait Lessons – A tiny glimpse to the basic of link baiting.
Link development by StuntDubl – Some short posts with alot of links to relevant sources for link baiting and developing.
131 Link Building Strategies – A highly detailed article by Robin Nobles, Eric Ward and John Alexander on link building strategies.
101 Ways to Build Link Popularity – 71 good ways to build links and 30 bad ones you should avoid.
Link Building Tactics
Are You a Link Whore by Eric Ward – Great article on how not to get slutty on the run for links.

If you feel I missed some important article (and I know this one is inevitable! The list of great articles on the topic of links popularity and link baiting is so long, I should spend days and nights to link it all), please feel free to add it in the comments section.

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