On Bookmarking and Social Search

Bookmarking is great. Not so much because it allows you to access your favorites from anywhere, but because it opens you a door to social search. What is so great about social search, you ask?  As far as I see it, social search, comparing to the regular search made via search engines, is much more pure, free of commercial interests (‘though, unfortunately, this is starting to change…) and thus much more relevant.

Just as ma.gnolia – one of my favorite bookmarks platform – put it: Since bookmarking involves taging your favorite sites, “when you search for something, you use words that people choose and look only at websites that people think are worth saving. Suddenly you have access to a human-organized bookmark collection”.

bookmarkers communication creats valid social search

Following the above quote, this is the basic of how bookmarking works:
First thing – you open an ccount and bookmark all your favorite sites. 
Then, if you have some real passion to a specific subject, you can check what others have to say on this subject by searching for the relevant tags. This way you may find some valuable sites on your favorite subject otherwise you could’nt find.
More than that, some bookmarks platform also allow you to open or join a group on your favorite subject. By checking relevant groups you can discover some additional information and discuss it with others who share the same interest as you are.

fraud bookmarking is easy to detect
All these features are purely social. No doubt that some online marketers, including seo experts, might abuse this platform to promote their own interest, but it can be revealed in a much more easier way. People who engage in social platforms, such as bookmarks, on a regular basis get to know each other and thus identify frauds with no more than a blink of an eye. More than that, some bookmarks platform, such as Technorati, have their way to filter out the spamming bookmarks.

Anyway, to make it short, I find bookmarking a highly valuable social search tool and I intend to keep on using it. At least as long as it stays social, meaning it will not turn to be just another “used-to-be-social-tool” abused by online marketers.

For your convenience, here are some recommended bookmarks platforms:
Ma.gnolia – Includes bookmarks, groups, discussions and also sposored links (by Text Link Ads). I admire the site’s visuality and its clean interface. On the right you can find recent bookmarks, hot groups and hot bookmarks. 
Del.icio.us – One of the most popular bookmarks on the web. Visuality is not the strong side of del.icio.us but the nice thing about it is that entering del.icio.us site you can get the latest most popular bookmarks right away.
Shadows – Not so different from ma.gnolia. Includes bookmarks, groups, conversations and tracking groups changes. I give it 4 stars for its easy and very user-friendly navigation bar.
Technorati – Blogs bookmarks, based on tracking links and comments on blogs around the web. The fact that Technorati tracks blogs activity and doesn’t depend on users “announcements” makes it a powerfull social tool. 

Please feel free to add your recommended bookmarks platforms
and of course – bookmark this post… 🙂


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