2 Facts on Search that Online Marketers Ought to Know

Search Engine Watch wrote a valuable article on international search and the fact that Google dominantes it, a sort of a summary of the latest stats results regarding search behavior around the world (A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference who took place on February 13-15 at London). As I see it, the important things online marketers should take from this report are:

1. SEO for Google is Highly Relevant
If Google gets more and more users from all over the world each year so its audience is almost 3 times of that of Yahoo! Search, there’s no doubt that focusing the SEO efforts mostly on Google is a wise thing to do.
This is not new, I know, it is just a reminder and a sort of reassurance saying to SEO experts to stick to what they do. 

2. SEO for Google Should Focus also on UK, France and Spain
Since the search audience has grown most dramatically in France (27%) and Spain (21%) while search is most popular in the UK, online marketers and SEO consultants who hadn’t targeted these markets yet, should think of starting to do that.
US audience is still the biggest one, but one shouldn’t focus only on US  if he wants to “make it big time”. This is true mainly because “France and Spain have the heaviest users of search” while “US searchers are the lightest users.”

Thanks a lot to Greg Jarboe from Search Engine Watch!


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