Google’s Bigdaddy

It sounds like Google got into the porn business as well, but the truth is (unfortunately) far from being exotic or sexy.

Bigdaddy is a new data center of Google with some new infrastructures that supposed to become the default source of web results. Right now Bigdaddy can be found at three data centers:, and

One of the promising thing about bigdaddy is that it should handle sites with flash and JavaScript, as well as “spam sites” (sites that promote themselves on SERP by using unethical tools and procedures), better than the old infrastructure did.

Some say that the “Mozilla bot”, Google’s new scrawler, is related to the Bigdaddy update.
I can think of at least one other appropriate name for this bot…
What about “Bigdaddy’s little princess”? 🙂

more about Google’s Bigdaddy can be found here and here and also here.


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