SEOSOS is back!

July 22, 2007

It has been a long-long time, I know.
There shouldn’t be any excuses for such a behavior, but I have some:
1. I was in vacation in Cuba (kisses to dear Che Guevara) and had some hard time to adjust to the regular life and its routine.

2. My partner to life brought me a puppy (which now is quite a horse I have to admit) and this lovely creature stole all my attenetion.

3. I got a little bit frustrated from the fact that all of this blog pages (except the homepage) got into the supplemental results on google.

BUT – I’m back!
Wanna read the real reason for my coming back?
I want to test this supplemental results thing. Some say that you can get out of this lousy situation by simply getting your pages linked to eachother.
So I decided to give it a try.
Get ready for tons of inner links… 🙂