So now Yahoo! is the Bad Guy?

Most people (especially the ones that live inside the online sphere) perceive Google as the big-threatening-monster since it holds so many areas in the online world, but apparently Yahoo! is no better…

I’m talking about Yahoo! and its cooperating with the China government. This is the story of two Chinese journalists that got arrested (for 10 years in prison!!!) thanks to fact that Yahoo! handed over some information about their online writing to China authorities.
The two had filed a suit against Yahoo! in April but now Miss Y claims that “the case has no merit“.

Hope I won’t get arrested for saying this, but what the %$#@?
Who made Miss Y or any other search engine “the big brother” and how come no one had told me about it?

This reminds me of a very sweet movie I have seen not too long ago, called “red road”, in which the main actor works as a CCTV operator. She does a great job, protecting people by watching the streets using long distance cameras, but just as well, when the opportunity comes – she exploits it for her own interests.

I admit. I don’t think Yahoo! gets anything but bad reputation from its cooperation with the Chinese government, but still.
The web should be a neutral ground for people to walk on.
Otherwise they might limp or simply freeze, lock ourself at home, far away from the internet.

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