SMO by SES San Jose 2007

SES San Jose convention took place on August 20-23.
Since I’m into “social media optimization” and one of the pannels was about this particular subject I’d like to make a short summary of this pannel’s highlights:

Optimize your Content to the People’s Feelings
According to Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl), if you want to do business in the world of social media – you must use a human voice that will appeal to others through “hooks” like humor, presenting a contrary opinion, news and so on.
More than that, one must use attractive titles and get them optimized by:
– Using keywords as anchor texts.
– Creating a focused readable content divided to paragraphs and decorated by bullet points and alike.
– Asking others (like friends and other acquaintances) to link to your scial media material.
– Linking out to other sources should be made generously. Doing this will not make you lose your PR but earn you some points as a writer who knows what he’s writing about.

SMM Recommended Sites
Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) said that the goal of SMM is to build relationships in the sphere of blogs and other social media sites and that it is way different from the way you handle costumers.
Whether SMM is used for branding or reputation management, these are the recommended sites for it:
Yahoo Asnswers

Banned SMM Efforts
According to Neil Patel (ACS), some SMM efforts can get you banned. That’s why you Shouldn’t:
– Have too many friends (no more than a few thousand).
– Promote yourself.
– Pay for votes.
– Spam.

On the same time you Should:
– Obey community rules.
– Add tons of friends.
– Use the most appealing titles and descriptions you can think of.
– Participate in communities and make sure to become a top user.
– Use SM platforms on the right time, when plenty of users are online.
– Submit videos and podcasts since they have a better CTR than text does.
– Mix broad and specific tags when tagging.


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