Manchester SEO Meeting’s Report

After three days in Manchester England, for SEO mingling purpose, and a day in Amsterdam I must say that I don’t feel like getting back to work but still – I find it hard to complain…

The meeting wasn’t so much a business one as it was social, getting to know the faces behind the online nick-names, and as such it was quite successful.
‘Though I didn’t mingle with everyone, the few I had talked to were really nice.
Ralph (from Fantomaster) was my highlight – No doubt he’s the smartest and sweetest person I have ever met. To put it in other words, I don’t mind to get stucked with him on a desert island…

Others I enjoyed talking to were Leona from Manchester, Jason Duke, Brian the Scotsman (Britecorp), Eki from P”G, Edit and Shai from RandomLogic and Jamey and Simon from PUSHON.

As I said on the meeting, I really hope to see everyone once again – This time is Israel.
To make my point, I’m attaching a short video of a bunch of drunk people who sang on the “Ape and Apples” bar where we sat, striving to hear ourselves talking, not to mention thinking…

Here are others’ reports, photos and videos on the SEO Manchester meeting:
SEO Meet Manchester Friday Night Video
Fantomaster Report (+Sphinn Linkbait)
Paulh Summary

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