I Don’t Sell Links and yet my PageRank Has Dropped…

October 30, 2007

Surprise! It’s Google Pagerank Update
Tons of bloggers, webmasters and “evil” online marketers held their breath while waiting for the Google pagerank update, but when it finally came, after a long period of almost half a year (apparently crawlers can’t run), the surprise cake it came with had no candles but sticky cream that got stucked on almost everyone’s faces.

But Why Mommy, Wasn’t I a Good boy?
The reason? After threathening for so long that whoever sells links will be punished, the execution has been done. Too bad that Google algorithm can “identify” links sellers by the absence of “rel=nofollow” on links to other sites, which is a joke, since lot of people, like innocent bloggers for example , don’t know anything about link juice leaking or the demand of the big engine to mark paid links with “rel=nofollow” – They simply write about things that interest them and from time to time add a link to websites that are relevant to their posts.

Cross my Heart, I Don’t Sell Links! 
As this post title says it: I don’t sell links and yet my pagerank has dropped from PR3 to PR2. The only thing I can think of as the reason for me loosing 1 point is that I have a section with links to blog directories. I didn’t pay any of those directories – I simply wanted my blog to be listed on their platform and they were so nice when they asked me for a linkback that I did it.

Just one question, your honor:
If Google is the link seller of all times, how come its pagerank wasn’t dropped?  🙂

10 Faces to Facebook

October 17, 2007

Facebook Logo

Whether you heard about Facebook or not, there are some things you should know about this social site, especially if you’re into SEO but not only:

1. Facebook Definition:
“Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you”.
It means that if you’re not into SEO or some other form of online marketing (SMO and alike) – you don’t have too much to do on Facebook unless you locate some of your friends or get new ones by joining Facebook’s groups.
Facebook was launced on February 2004.

2. Bless the Marketplace:
On Facebook you can not only communicate with friends, but also communicate your interests, such as stuff you want to buy or sell, at what facebook calls “Marketplace“.

3. Photos’ LIFO (Last In First Out):
You’re a part of a group on Facebook and you want your photos to be shown on the group’s homepage? Not a problem! Just remember that the last photo to be added is the first to be shown…
Keeping your photos on your group’s homepage will by no doubt help you brand yourself. Just don’t be too obvious.

4. Tagging:
Facebook members can tag the photos and videos they add, and we all know how tagging is getting more and more important everyday.

5. Free links:
Looking for some free links? (honestly – who isn’t?)
On Facebook you can either post short items with links inside (unfortunately, with no keywords as anchor text, just URLs) or share your bookmarklet.

6. Visualize Yourself:
This can be done by using “Facebook Video” which “allows you to publish your personal videos on Facebook and send video messages to your friends.”

One thing that I find a little problematic is the fact that Facebook runs something called “per-video privacy” which means that after adding a video one can restrict who can see it.  The problem is that a new member who doesn’t know this rule (most people don’t read the small letters) might get frastrated trying to watch a video while everytime he clicks on the “View Video” link he finds himself on the “Add Video” section.

7. Share in the Old Fashioned Way:
Sending video messages is nice but you rather do stuff in the good old fashioned way? Allrighty! Just go to the “discussion board” and share your whatever you feel like sharing.
Another way to bond has never hurt no one.

8. Low Cost Advertising & Polls
For as little as 26$ you can create a small poll and get answers for it in no more than 30 minutes, plus you can set a small add, that Facebook calls it “flyer”, with link to your site and you can pay just 5$ (or more) a day for this “online flyer” . 

9. Events Sharing & Searching
The events thing is one of the remarkable social faces of Facebook. It allows you to share events as well as look for upcoming events in your community, which can be based on the area (city) you live in, the college you go to or your workplace.
Marketers can use the events platform to tell about upcoming events in the industry they try to promote while adding links to it on related post.
10. For Developers Only
Facebook allows developers to create applications that work with its basic features.
(No need to say that this one is a great online marketing tool).

Did I miss anything?
Please use the comments section to fill the missing info…

Google Takeovers – Who Knows the Exact Numbers?

October 15, 2007

Google had acquired Jaiku a few days ago and it made me wonder – What is the exact number of google “takeovers”?

Looking at Wikipedia’s List of Google Acquisitions the total number is 49.
I made my search (deeping into google SERP) and found the same number, with one exception – Buying DoubleClick on April this year made Google also the owner of Performics (DubleClick used to own it).

Personally, I think that when you talk in terms of “takeovers” and not “acquisitions” the number is higher. Much higher.

Google apps for education (50), for instance, took over the former email services universities such as Arizona State University and University of North Carolina Greensboro used to work with and in a way took over the privacy of students as well as universities’ management. (By the way, Google titled this one as “Google at School“…)

And what about the spectulated gPhone (51)? Or the fact that Google tookover the definition of successful startups and changed it into “be acquired by Google” (52)?

Even worse:
What about the fact that most of us don’t do anything out of Google services, whether it’s sending e-mails via Gmail, search the net using Google’s SE or editing our photos on Picasa? This is the biggest takeover ever:
Our internet routine, our web-way-of-thinking, even our job (see SEO & SEM) – Everything is Google Based.