Google Takeovers – Who Knows the Exact Numbers?

Google had acquired Jaiku a few days ago and it made me wonder – What is the exact number of google “takeovers”?

Looking at Wikipedia’s List of Google Acquisitions the total number is 49.
I made my search (deeping into google SERP) and found the same number, with one exception – Buying DoubleClick on April this year made Google also the owner of Performics (DubleClick used to own it).

Personally, I think that when you talk in terms of “takeovers” and not “acquisitions” the number is higher. Much higher.

Google apps for education (50), for instance, took over the former email services universities such as Arizona State University and University of North Carolina Greensboro used to work with and in a way took over the privacy of students as well as universities’ management. (By the way, Google titled this one as “Google at School“…)

And what about the spectulated gPhone (51)? Or the fact that Google tookover the definition of successful startups and changed it into “be acquired by Google” (52)?

Even worse:
What about the fact that most of us don’t do anything out of Google services, whether it’s sending e-mails via Gmail, search the net using Google’s SE or editing our photos on Picasa? This is the biggest takeover ever:
Our internet routine, our web-way-of-thinking, even our job (see SEO & SEM) – Everything is Google Based.


2 Responses to Google Takeovers – Who Knows the Exact Numbers?

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