I Don’t Sell Links and yet my PageRank Has Dropped…

Surprise! It’s Google Pagerank Update
Tons of bloggers, webmasters and “evil” online marketers held their breath while waiting for the Google pagerank update, but when it finally came, after a long period of almost half a year (apparently crawlers can’t run), the surprise cake it came with had no candles but sticky cream that got stucked on almost everyone’s faces.

But Why Mommy, Wasn’t I a Good boy?
The reason? After threathening for so long that whoever sells links will be punished, the execution has been done. Too bad that Google algorithm can “identify” links sellers by the absence of “rel=nofollow” on links to other sites, which is a joke, since lot of people, like innocent bloggers for example , don’t know anything about link juice leaking or the demand of the big engine to mark paid links with “rel=nofollow” – They simply write about things that interest them and from time to time add a link to websites that are relevant to their posts.

Cross my Heart, I Don’t Sell Links! 
As this post title says it: I don’t sell links and yet my pagerank has dropped from PR3 to PR2. The only thing I can think of as the reason for me loosing 1 point is that I have a section with links to blog directories. I didn’t pay any of those directories – I simply wanted my blog to be listed on their platform and they were so nice when they asked me for a linkback that I did it.

Just one question, your honor:
If Google is the link seller of all times, how come its pagerank wasn’t dropped?  🙂


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