Wiki SE, Top 10 Websites and Improved Google Maps

November 19, 2007

Some news highlights from the world of search…

Wiki Powered Search Engine
Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, had released some screen shots of his new wiki-based search engine. Rumors say it lookes very much like Facebook pages… 🙂

Top 10 Websites by Brand
According to Nielsen Online, these are the top 10 websites in terms of unique visitors and the time spent on sites:
1. Google
2. Yahoo!
3. Microsoft
4. MSN / Windows live
5. AOL Media Network
6. FOX Interactive Media
7. YouTube
8. eBay
9. Wikipedia
10. Amazon

Users (will) make Google Maps Better
From now on Google maps can be edited by their users, whether it’s to correct a location or add details about it, only for now it won’t get up on the net before it is reviewd by Google.
Of course all edits can be done only with a Google account…

SMX Event in Isarel – to be or not to be…

November 17, 2007


There are talkings on the possibility of having a SMX event in Israel 3 months from now, on February 2008. As most of you probably know, SMX stands for “Search Marketing Expo” and the SMX event is, as the searchmarektingexpo site puts it: “the new search engine marketing conference from “Third Door Media”, the company behind the Search Engine Land news site and the “Search Marketing Now” webcast series.

To make it short:
1. SMX events are quite popular and prestigious conferences in which online marketers can get the last updates from the world of search marketing.
2. Having the February SMX event in Israel sounds terrific and is highly recommended to anyone who is the business of search marketing and alike.
3. Section 2 can happen only if enough marketers will show a real interest in this SMX in Israel, as Catoon Barry says it on his blog. 

Vote for SMX Israel on Sphinn
Those of you who are into SEO, SEM and SMX event in Israel can vote for it on Sphinn.
I had already done it… 🙂