No to Google Knol

December 27, 2007

3 reasons why I won’t use Google *Knol
 – if I weren’t an online marketer 🙂

1. I’m tierd of this “give and get for free” thing.
I think it was my father who told me that when you think about it, at the end – any cheap buying turns to be the most expensive one. I really enjoy using blogger (Google blog platform) and gmail (google free email service) and all the rest of Google’s freebies, but it’s starting to feel like the price for all of this is getting higher and higher each and everyday.
We all heard about Google reader getting into the users’ pants just as we all suffer from overload of adsense on our gmail.

The online world enjoys plenty of sharing-information platforms (which I am sure Google could have purchased). I don’t need another one by Google, especially if it’s going to influence its SERP (See You Tube acquisition by Google).

2. I’m tierd of the world trying to sell me things and I bet the knol platform would be full of not only valuable content but also google ads (rumors say one can decide whether to show or not to show adsense on his knol). No doubt it would be highly targeted and contextual and yet. No thanks. I think am sure I’ll  pass.

3. I’m tierd of people like me (SEO people) who just can’t hold theirselves from not abusing any social platform that comes in their way, especially if it is Google related. 🙂

* Knol = Google’s version for wikipedia focusing on the authors. 
   Still in beta.

Video Search Optimization Guide

December 18, 2007

As universal search is “live and kicking” one can not ignore the need of optimizing any possible online channel, including videos.
The following is a list of most of video submission sources and the things you should do in order to submit your video to them in the most optimized way.

Metacafe –
Tags: separated by comma
Link: Textual

As I see it, Metacafe is the most valuable video platform in terms of making a SEO for your videos. Not only that you can edit your video title, description and tags (keywords) – you can add a textual link to your relevant website page. This is a great feature comparing to most of the other online video platform where you can add a URL link to your site, and this one is with no anchor text and only on your profile.
Please note that Metacafe will add the word “video” at the end of your page title featuring your video, so there’s no need to either include it in your title nor to write a long one.

MySpace –
Tags: separated by a space
Link: Out of context (only on blog…)

Video optimization via MySpaceTV Videos is quite poor. No matter what your video’s title is, the page title that shows it will begin only after “MySpaceTV Videos” and end with “by [your MySpace username]”. That means your video page title is quite long with extra non-keywords in it, even before you started writing it! The only thing you can do is to choose your keywords wisely, don’t use too many of them and register yourself to MySpace with a username that is a keyword.
For example, if the video you want to get optimized for video search is about how to choose the right keywords in terms of SEO, try to register yourself to MySpace as “SEO” or “Search Marketer” (Remember: Since your username will be shown on your video title – the shorter the better  ).In addition, if you are afraid of getting bad comments by other MySpace users that aren’t your friends, you can limit the option of ranking to friends only, thus promising your video an ultimate positive surrounding.

Break –

Title: the word “video” is added automatically at the end
Keywords: no more than 16 characters and need to get connected by hyphens.
Out of context (“about me” in profile…) L 

Nice thing with is the fact that it shows the latest videos on its homepage. This feature promises your video an honorable exposure right after it has been uploaded. A video of mine, for example, got 170 views in half an hour and 3,000 within a couple of days!
Please note that you can not upload the same movie twice (2 points to on this one), as apposed to other uploading video platforms, and remember to monitor the comments you get (in case you’ll get some negative ones).
Two other things with break’s videos are:

  1. It has social buttons such as digg, stumbleupon, myspace and facebook, so others can keep on promoting your videos in additional online channels.
  2. Video makers whose video get to the homepage of can get up to 2,000$ for that.

Just for your knowledge, also includes original games and a pictures gallery.

 Vimeo –

Title: what you write is what you get J
Link: Can be added on the comments section L

Vimeo is a “wysiwyg” kind of video platform and is highly recommended as a social network and as another source of video search optimization.
The title of the page is exactly the video’s title, without any built-in additions, and this is great, you can get to write a video description and to tag it with relevant keywords. The only thing is that you can not add links anywhere but in the comment section…


Title: the name of the site is added automatically at the end of the title
Link: Out of context (on profile…) L 

Nice thing is that you can use social buttons and submit your video (=additional channels to promote it online) to myspace, facebook, digg, yahoo!360, frindster,, wordpress and piczo. Too bad that using some of these services force you to give away your password, meaning – you better not use it…

Google Video
Title: what you write is what you get J
× Tags:
Link: Can be added per video  

Funny thing is that Google video doesn’t ask “uploaders” to tag nor to list the keywords relevant to their video (Maybe they got tired of it… J).
Anyway, you can upload files online as long as they are up to 100MB (otherwise you should use uploading via desktop), add title & description and choose your language and category (in case you want to choose more than one category, you can do it in the edit section after your video was uploaded).
Two nice things about Google video is the fact that it allows users to download videos to their i-pod and the “related video’ feature that present videos from similar categories and keywords. Checking other videos title and description can guide you on your keywords selection for your video title and e=description.

Yahoo! Video  

Title: the name of the site is added automatically at the end of the title L
Link: Out of context (on the movie maker profile…) L 

Bad thing with yahoo! Video is the fact that you can not submit your video to more than one category, but this is a small thing in compare to all the good things yahoo! Video offers which are:– Before submitting yoor video you can write a short description on yourself and add a link to your site.
– Yahoo! Video accepts all video formats, including those of the cellular phone (3gp), a thing that sure makes life easier…
J– You can add general tags to your channel (meaning – not only for each of your videos) and give him also a unique description.
– You can edit your video title even after it was uploaded and got published (meaning you can run some tests to check what is the best title for your video).
– You can upload the same video more then once. Ha! Isn’t it great? 0:1 to you. J


AOL Video

Title: the name of the site is added automatically at the end of the title L
Link: Couldn’t find a place to add one… L 

AOL Video is good for branding purposes only and that is why I recommend you to add a logo and an image of your site or company (with the URL site on it).
One good thing that can
be said is that uploading your videos to AOL Video promises you to get into the next relevant google alert. Assuming the common people, and not only online marketers, use this feature – it sure worth something…  🙂