First PR Update in 2008?

It seems like there was a Page Rank update as my blog’s home page ( has suddenly got no PR…
Sad but true.
Did anyone notice the same changes?

These are some of the voices I have just heard (read)…
Daily Blog Tips
Seround Table
Adithya’s Blog
Pixel Head Online


4 Responses to First PR Update in 2008?

  1. Google PageRank Update 2008-Q1

    It appears Google is in the process of it’s Q1-2008 Pagerank update. There’s quite a few threads on the webmaster and SEO forums indicating the changes in this update are nearing completing. I have mixed emotions with this update as my Page…

  2. […] the last update, which could not have been even 3 months ago. I was informed there was an update by SEOSOS. So I went and checked and so it seems there indeed has been an update. How is everyone making out […]

  3. avee says:

    when is the next update?

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