Wake up Search Master Steve

Funny thing I ran into today while surfing the net –
not a small ad by Microsoft adCenter, with this outstanding piece of info:
“Search Master Steve Says:
target your search marketing campaign by age,
time of the day, location… even gender.” 

Search Master Steve of Microsoft Ad-Center


I meant to put this copy of the ad with no words accompaying it,
’cause the irony is clearer then the sun itself,
but I couldn’t hold it…

And I say:
Wow! Even gender? I can’t believe it!
New thing in town, everyone!
Get yourself into your best clothing and let’s get wild!!! 🙂

P.S (= probably stupid)
If you are anything like myself and not so much into MSN, you should know that “Search Master Steve” is just as trendy as MSN is. On the following you can read some of the old compliments he recieved along his way (sorry Steve, nothing personal, it is just the gender thing):

Microsoft adCenter Presents Search Master Steve
Microsoft’s “Search Master Steve”
Surplus on Search Master Steve
MSN tries to educate me…I refuse (search for the “search master? He can’t even master a comb” part. hilarious!)


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