Google Inspired Websites

March 7, 2008

Google makes the web go round but that’s an old news. I just wanted to share some sites I ran into and are google related in one way or the other:

Google Fight 
A cool site in which you can enter two terms to see them fighting on how many results each one has on Google. Those who have no inspration can use the links on the left to see the classics google fights, the fight of the month, funy fights or the last 20.
This is not a SEO tool but it sure can be used to get a first impression on the competitiveness of your market in compare to others.

A blog about google written by quite a young foursome (16, 17, 18 and 21 years old guys)
who likes Google and blogging. Googlified includes news and updates about Google, funny images, summaries of Doodles  and much more.

Google Watch
The Google Watch site offers a criticism of Google, ask questions like “Is Google god?”, saying Gmail is creepy, pagerank sucks and much more. Too bad it is not organized by dates or categories and yet “Google Watch” proves that when you have an interesting content, people will stay and read it, even if your site is not a user friendly one.

This site offers funny fake Google logos as well as images (“With friendly permission by Google“) and links to related sites. Sweet.

Blogscoped, edited by Philipp Lenssen, has been covering Google and the tech world for 5 years now. For serious people only.

All the information you need about Google, or as the site defined itself: “A quick and easy way to find any type of information about the world according to Google”.

“Every useful Google link on one page.”

The unofficial Google fan club. Last update was made on September 2005, so I guess the slogan of “beause we love Google” is no longer valid…

Are you familiar with other Google related sites?
Please share!