“Making Life Easy” and the World Usability Day 2008

Wworld Usability Day 2008I haven’t written for ages, I know, and I have no excuse but the fact that I probably work too hard (and maybe sleep too much?!). In any case, just wanted to let you all know that I’m about to go to the “world usability day” conference tomorrow, in Israel, Ra’anana.
Unfortunately, Jakob Nielsen won’t be there, but still I really look forward to hear about “reading on the digital era” and “business effects of the user interface”.

For those who’d like to get some more background information please visit:
Worldusabilityday.org – The international site of “world usability day”.
UPA Israel – The Israeli site of “Usability Professional’s Association”.
UPA international – The international website of “Usability Professional’s Association”.

Usability related sites:
Usability first – A good online collection of usability resources.
Useit – Jakob Nielsen site on web design and usability. My top guru on the subject!
Cre8pc – All about SEO and usability. 
Usability news – Updates from the world of usability and human-computer interaction.
Userfocus – Usability consultancy and training.
Webcredible – Includes articles and reports about user experience, usability and accessibility.

This is a video of Bill Gates at the “world usability day 2007”:


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