How long for a New site to get indexed by Yandex?

yandexI guess most of you know that yandex is dedicated to the Russian market and as such tends to show in its search results Russian sites, but not only.
What about indexing a new site in the Russian language? is known as “a unique product for indexing Russian-language resources” and yet I have a friend who started a blog in Russian not too long ago and he says that he has waited for more than a month for his blog to be indexed in yandex but nothing happened, ‘though it was written in Russian and had some backlinks from other Russian sites.

Two important things to note are:
1. His blog had a Russian hosting.
2. His blog had .biz extension ( ).

After discussing this issue and searching the subject on the web, noticing there are others who had the same problem, he decided to buy a .ru domain and to perform 301 redirect of the old domain name to the new one. 6 days after making this 301 redirect his blog was indexed by yandex!!!

I wish he was a little bit more patient so we could test the time that takes yandex to index a new site with .biz extension, but he didn’t care for SEO tests and I understand him J
In any case, there are some questions left:

1. Is yandex, like most search engines, not in favor of .biz domains?
2. How much time does it take for yandex to index a biz domain vs. com or ru domain?

I’d be more than glad to hear your thoughts and experience on this one.
Спасибо и до новых встречь 🙂


One Response to How long for a New site to get indexed by Yandex?

  1. комент одной из фотографий в моем альбоме : “Ангелом нельзя стать им нужно родиться )] что у тебя с легкостью получилось )] ”
    . Буду посещать чаще.

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