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google-music-search I guess I’m a late waker (I blame the lack of time behind the 24 hours limit) , but only today I’ve noticed the option of Music Search by Google and was really thrilled by it.
I know that the vertical search is “live and kicking” and yet I haven’t noticed this “search music” button and / or link until now.
God bless whoever it was that created the music and at the same time pat Larry Page and Sergey Brinand on their shoulder for their Google’s music search feature.

How can you get into Google Music Search?
You just need to search for the name of a singer or a band, say Britney Spears, and you’ll see the blue link of “Music” on the bluish top bar, just right below the search box.


Clicking the “Music” link will get you into a deeper search results page in which you can browse several categories such as artists, albums and songs.

Clicking on the artist name will send you into a page with a list of all albums that can be sorted by popularity or by release date.

Clicking on specific album will give you the name of the artist, album and the year it was released plus the full list of  tracks and links to online shops where you can buy the album. Below the album’s image you can find links to related web-pages such as the artist website, photos and latest news.

Clicking on specific song we’ll give you the name of the artist, the name of the album, other performers, song length, a link to all other versions of the song, its lyrics and an option to buy the song via iTunes.

Very nice, you must admit it!

Looking for other music websites? Check the following
(and please feel free to keep me posted on others I don’t know):

Free Music Listening Sites:
Soundpedia – Music discovery community. Great thing is that you can listen to full albums and get suggestions for other artists and bands of the same genre.
– The place for artists to offer their music, including full albums, for free or for money.
DeezerFree music platform in which you can create lists of your favorite music.
– Free internet radio. – Free music listening (internet radio) plus music catalogue.

For those who are into reading about music and artists, check the following music portals:

Musicpedia – Your favorite music in pictures.
Mog – Discover people through music and music through people.
Yahoo! music portal – info, downloads, videos and much more.
All music – All about music – reviews, new releases and artists biography.

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  1. ויאגרה says:

    ממש יפה
    האבתי את המאמרים
    ואתר מאוד מעניין

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