Hello Everyone!

I guess you can figure out what this blog is about.
The name “seosos” tells it all, right?
“seo” stands for “search engine optimization” while “sos” stands for helping people out with optimizing their site for search engines by providing some tips, instructions and so on.
time and posts will tell the rest so I’ll turn to introduce myself:

My name is Roni Calvo, I’m almost thirty years old and for almost two years now I’ve been working in the SEO industry.
Since I’m into writing (still dreaming on my first book to be published) for as long as I  remember myself, I used to work in content writing, as well as editing, mostly for websites, but with all the respect  – doing SEO for my living is the first job I really enjoy!
basically, this is the main reason I’m here today.
I want to share my love and my knowledge with whoever is into online marketing, whether it’s SEO, SEM or SMM.

hope you’ll enjoy your reading
and find it usefull,

Please feel free to comment on anything, including my grammar.
English is not my mother tounge, so I’ll probably make a few mistakes…

One Response to About SEOSOS

  1. Avi Kalvo says:

    Oy mate, get in touch – we might be related!!!

    Avi K

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