Nice Post about Link Development by Sugarrae at WebmasterWorld

December 8, 2008

Sugarrae at
For all of you who haven’t read this post by Sugarrae already – just wanted you to know that I’m 100% heterosexual
and yet I fell in love with this heavenly bright creature.
Excellent writing (especially the instructions for changing the year on your PC calendar)
and great things to think about.
Please do read the post and the discussion following it:


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International Social Bookmarking Can do the Job

June 17, 2008

No doubt that social bookmarking is just a tiny part of SMM (social media marketing) and that SMM is just a small part of SEO or SEM, but you know what people say – All (big) things are amde of small pieces.
As far as I see it, if you work alone (with no SEO expert by your side) or have limited budget for your international marketing efforts (assuming, off course, your project suits the global market) – some international social bookmarking can give you the global exposure you are looking for, both in terms of relevant traffic and in terms of search engine positions.

First step is to know your other languages strong keywords
For this you need to have a healthy logic, more than a couple of hours and if you are lucky enough – some friends who speak the languages of the international markets you wish to target.
Sure, you can use some automatic translating tools like Yahoo babel Fish or Free Translations, but most chances are that you’d miss some important terms as well as distort others. If you got the money – get some expert translator or even better – an expert SEO who speak the language of the foreign market you are trying to reach.

Second step is to build your international bookmarking database
In order to find relevant bookmarking sites in your targeted languages, you need to know the translation of at least two important terms: “bookmarks” and “favorites”. Type these keywords in the search box of relevant search engines ( if you look for bookmarking sites in German or if you look for bookmarking sites in French and so on) and check the results. Most bookmarking sites look and behave the same, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties in understanding how to register as well as how to submit a site.

In addition, you can search for some blogs in your targeted markets (using google blog search or technorati) and check the bookmarking buttons at the buttom of their posts.
In any case, for your cnvenience, you can find some bookmarking sites in French and German at the end of this post.
Third step is bookmarking and socializing on a regular basis
Don’t just submit all your website’s pages under relevant kewords and then disappear. Submit other URLs (that aren’t yours but from the same niche and language), vote for others’ submissions and so on.  Remember – you can’t talk social bookmarking and do only one of the two. They go together so you must do them both if you want to succeed.

A list of Social Bookmarking Sites in French and German: (FR bookmarks)
Mesfavoris (FR bookmarks)
Excite (FR bookmarks)
Bookmarks Sites (FR bookmarks)
Plpage (FR bookmarks)
Bookeet (FR bookmarks)
Scoopeo (FR bookmarks)
Bluegger (FR bookmarks)
Yigg (DE bookamrks)
Webnews (DE bookamrks) (DE bookamrks)
Bonitrust (DE bookamrks) (DE bookamrks)
Linksilo (DE bookamrks)
Lufee (DE bookamrks)
Minota (DE bookamrks)
Weblinkr (DE bookamrks)

Anything to add?
Feel free to comment or even bookmark… 🙂

Check this fine video by common craft if you’d like more basic info on social bookmarking:

Tiny URL – ‘Cause Size Does Matter

May 4, 2008

TinyURL makes me “Click the Link”

Don’t know what about you guys, but ’till I started to twitter I didn’t really need TinyURL eventhough I knew it was outhere, live and kicking. This post is dedicated to Kevin Gilbertson who invented TinyURL, ’cause as far as I see it, he is sort of a genius – not so much for changing long URLs to tiny ones, but for making me curious. TinyURL is a great marketing tool in terms that it makes me “click the link” otherwise (when seeing the URL behind it) I might not.

A Story about a Hot Lady in a Hot Red Dress
Admit it – if I tell you a story about some hot lady in a hot red dress and then invite you to see her picture on this URL:  instead of this one:– you’ll definitely click the first one but you’d have your doubts about the second one, right?
A-Ha! That’s exactly what I’m talking about! TinyURL allows you to create some mystery around your outgoing links and that mystery works like magic in term of CTR.

Tiny vs. Whiney
As far as wiki can tell us about it, this may (and did) cause some problems such as easy spam or getting into sites that might offend you, but I think there are more advantages than disadvatages into TinyURL [Shout your thoughts on the comment section if you think differently  🙂 ] and at least the offending issue can be solved by using the preview version of TinyURL

For those who are new to TinyURL, just before I say good night and make myself feel tiny again, here are …

Some TinyURLs You Might Aappreciate: – this TinyURL is somehow related to FireFox. – this TinyURL deals with something I mentioned here earlier. – this TinyURL is for opera lovers (wink, wink!). – this TinyURL is stat related. – this is like TinyURL but its elf based and it refers to a nice article on the topic that also mentioned

Have anything to add?
Your shouting time begins now…

SMO Panel on Sphinncon Israel 2008

February 6, 2008

To make things short, you can find the main SMO presentation by Eli Feldblum (CEO of Rank Above) on the following link:
It is called “Should You Social?” and as far as I see it, the answer, in most cases, is YES.

The SMO panel was the last one on the sphinncon event and I’m getting older and older so I droped my pen and just listened. Sorry.
In any case, if you read my first post on the shpinncon event, you must remember that most of the speakers made me a little bit sick. Apparently, I’m alergic to over-righteousness. 🙂

Just for your knowledge, the SMO panel participants were Eli Feldblum (Rank Above), Tzvika Avnery (Tagadam), Roi Carthy (TechCrunch) and Lior Hener (Yedda).

Most of what was said on the panel can be summarized by the following:

– SMO is not about getting more quality links but about approaching people (Lior).
– SMO and SMM both can be used effectively for branding purposes.
– At the end of the day, positions on SE are nothing comparing to an interesting product.
– One shouldn’t do SMO, as well as SEO, for a new “just launched” product. You should wait at least 6 monthsso you can learn your product, its audience, etc, and only after that you can start with the SSS (SEM, SEO, SMO) stuff (Roi).

Wake up Search Master Steve

January 30, 2008

Funny thing I ran into today while surfing the net –
not a small ad by Microsoft adCenter, with this outstanding piece of info:
“Search Master Steve Says:
target your search marketing campaign by age,
time of the day, location… even gender.” 

Search Master Steve of Microsoft Ad-Center


I meant to put this copy of the ad with no words accompaying it,
’cause the irony is clearer then the sun itself,
but I couldn’t hold it…

And I say:
Wow! Even gender? I can’t believe it!
New thing in town, everyone!
Get yourself into your best clothing and let’s get wild!!! 🙂

P.S (= probably stupid)
If you are anything like myself and not so much into MSN, you should know that “Search Master Steve” is just as trendy as MSN is. On the following you can read some of the old compliments he recieved along his way (sorry Steve, nothing personal, it is just the gender thing):

Microsoft adCenter Presents Search Master Steve
Microsoft’s “Search Master Steve”
Surplus on Search Master Steve
MSN tries to educate me…I refuse (search for the “search master? He can’t even master a comb” part. hilarious!)

Links to Link Baiting Sources

February 15, 2007

I can write about link baiting and the most effective ways to do it right, as well as how to develop links and get better rankings, but so many others had already done it and they done it so well…
Instead, I offer you a short cut to most of the valuable articles I ran into:
Link Bait definition by Wikipedia
Link baiting and Effective Link Building – Hooks for building link popularity.
Examples of link baiting by SEOBOOK
Link Baiting and Viral Campaigns – Some highlights from the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose.
Link Bait and Better Rankings – looking at link baiting as simply being original.
Link Baiting and Social Media Marketing – by Andy Hagans. Highly recommended.
3 Link Bait Lessons – A tiny glimpse to the basic of link baiting.
Link development by StuntDubl – Some short posts with alot of links to relevant sources for link baiting and developing.
131 Link Building Strategies – A highly detailed article by Robin Nobles, Eric Ward and John Alexander on link building strategies.
101 Ways to Build Link Popularity – 71 good ways to build links and 30 bad ones you should avoid.
Link Building Tactics
Are You a Link Whore by Eric Ward – Great article on how not to get slutty on the run for links.

If you feel I missed some important article (and I know this one is inevitable! The list of great articles on the topic of links popularity and link baiting is so long, I should spend days and nights to link it all), please feel free to add it in the comments section.