How Much Does Your Site Worth?

April 26, 2008

I guess everyone would like to say that their site worth is more than six numbers, but online tools will say (or strive to say) the truth. In any case, I gathered some of the tools you can use to learn about your site’s worth as well as to show off about it…

dnScoop is one of my favorite and I think it is also the most reliable source to figure out sites’ and domains worth.  Checking’s worth, for example, returns an estimated value of $2,030,000,000.

dnScoop offers additional information such as:
Domain age – while stating that “being older is better” in terms of existed websites,
Current Pagerank and if it’s valid
Number of inbound links
Current alexa rank,
IP report and
Link value by Text-Link-Ads. 

Website Value Calculator , lust like dnScoop, is 100% easy to use (user friendly). All you have to do is type your URL in the box and you get the site’s value.’s worth according to websitevaluecalculator is $1,561,822,935, a little less than the evaluation dnScoop’s gave us.

TheWebsite Value Calculator” site offers its users a banner to show off their sites’ value. Here is the banner Google could use if it felt like showing off…

My site is worth $1,561,822,935.
How much is yours worth?

Site Estimator
The SitEstimator allows you to get the worth of many sites by simply typing their URL and according to it,’s worth is $90,749.59K. For those who’d like to offer the site estimator tool on their website or blog, just get the sitestimator’s widget

Glurk describes itself as a “website value calculator”, and maybe because of this it demands that you fill up lot of details before getting the simple answer of the value of whatever site you are interested in finding its worth.  Glurk age could be the reason for its being not very progressive tool as it is 9 years old and anyway I didn’t receive any propper answer from it when asking for Google’s worth…

What do you think?
Can you trust these tools even when they give different results?
Do you know some other site’s worth tools?