SEO Industry

This section is a mini-directory of the SEO industry.  List below is a small sample of valuable SEO and online marketing resources ( I’m going to update this page once in a while, so you’re more than welcome to revisit it*):
SEO Blogs 
SEO Organizations 
SEO Leaders

SEO Blogs 
Jim Boykin’s Blogthe CEO of We Build Pages’ blog: A great source of information on internet marketing, link baiting and other related topics.

SEObook – since 2003 – a highly recommended SEO blog by Aaron Wall where you can find some valuable tips and advices on the topic of online marketing and the search sphere. As declared by its logo, the blog never stpos being updated so you can find “a new chapter everyday”.

SEObythesea –  SEO blog by William Slawski, the president of SEO by the sea, a company that provides internet marketing services, focusing primarily on websites’ usability and organic search engine results. SEObythesea is being updated almost everyday, sometimes even more than once a day.

SEOMOZ blog – a daily SEO blog of SEOMOZ company with lots of tips, news and other relevant information from the search marketing industry.

SEOScoop – SEO news, tips and theories by Donna Fontenot who is known by the name of Dazzlin Donna. If you are into some SEO wit – SEOScoop is definitely your blog to read. 

StuntDubl – Todd Malicoat’s blog,,  is one of the most “poor in visual, rich in content” SEO blogs on the internet.

Wolf-HowlMichael Gray’s SEO blog.

SEO Leaders
Aaron wall – The writer of SEOBook, one of the great sources about search engine optimization and online marketing.

Danny Sullivan – Used to be the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Watch, but no more. Today Sullivan is the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, a blog that writes about search engines and search marketing.  

David Naylor – Known by the name DaveN, David Naylor, with an experience of more than 9 years in the indusrty, is one of the leading SEO experts in UK.

Greg Boser – A search engine marketing consultant known as the “Web Guerilla”, ‘though his site had been reconstructed and redirected to branding himself using his real name, Greg Boser , and not the nickname he’s so familiared with.

Neil Patel – The CTO of ACS and the man behind Crazy Egg (a way to visualize your stat). Neil Writes for the Pronet Advertising blog and he’s an internet marketer who specializes in social media marketing (SMM) as well as viral marketing.

Rob Kerry – The editor of evilgreenmonky, an SEO and online marketing consultant who is into viral and guerilla marketing as well.

SEO Organizations
SEMPO – Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization: A global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it. Great source of information on SEO and SEM.
Click here to check SEMPO website.

SEOPros – Search Engine Optimization Professionals Organization: An non-profit organization of SEO consultants and internet marketers. SEOPros provides consumer information on SEO services as well as assitance for the SEO community.

SMA-UKSearch Marketing Association UK: organisation designed to promote Search Engine Marketing across the UK.

SEO Consultants – A directory of SEO companies and consultants that also includes information on SEO, such as SEO glossary, articles and forums.

Aim Pro – Quite out of date source of information on SEO and online marketing, originaly designed to provide help for professional online marketers. Nice thing about Aim Pro website is its Web marketing glossary which offers a modest, but highly detalied, list of relevant terms’ definitions. 

* the most loyal revisitor will get the chance to dance on my lap 🙂

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  1. Lelu says:

    Ich besuche deinen Blog immer wieder gerne und hinterlasse jetzt auchmal ein Kommentar. 😀

  2. Danke, geile Infos. Noch besserer Blog. Gibt es die Moeglichkeit ein Newsletter bei dir zu bestellen?

  3. Strohhalme says:

    Thanks for the info, will enable me to deal times.

  4. Rafael says:

    Very nice abridgement. But there really only Seo-experts drom english speaking countries. What about Seo-Agencys from Europeß

  5. m,sommer says:

    Thanks for post.
    helpful list.

  6. Hab auch oft mit Seomoz gearbeitet aber das kosten ein Vermögen und ist für kleine Unternehmen ja kaum bezahlbar.

  7. Roenergie says:

    Thank you . You are right Suchmaschinenotpimierung . quite expensive this one

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