SMO Panel on Sphinncon Israel 2008

February 6, 2008

To make things short, you can find the main SMO presentation by Eli Feldblum (CEO of Rank Above) on the following link:
It is called “Should You Social?” and as far as I see it, the answer, in most cases, is YES.

The SMO panel was the last one on the sphinncon event and I’m getting older and older so I droped my pen and just listened. Sorry.
In any case, if you read my first post on the shpinncon event, you must remember that most of the speakers made me a little bit sick. Apparently, I’m alergic to over-righteousness. 🙂

Just for your knowledge, the SMO panel participants were Eli Feldblum (Rank Above), Tzvika Avnery (Tagadam), Roi Carthy (TechCrunch) and Lior Hener (Yedda).

Most of what was said on the panel can be summarized by the following:

– SMO is not about getting more quality links but about approaching people (Lior).
– SMO and SMM both can be used effectively for branding purposes.
– At the end of the day, positions on SE are nothing comparing to an interesting product.
– One shouldn’t do SMO, as well as SEO, for a new “just launched” product. You should wait at least 6 monthsso you can learn your product, its audience, etc, and only after that you can start with the SSS (SEM, SEO, SMO) stuff (Roi).