No to Google Knol

December 27, 2007

3 reasons why I won’t use Google *Knol
 – if I weren’t an online marketer 🙂

1. I’m tierd of this “give and get for free” thing.
I think it was my father who told me that when you think about it, at the end – any cheap buying turns to be the most expensive one. I really enjoy using blogger (Google blog platform) and gmail (google free email service) and all the rest of Google’s freebies, but it’s starting to feel like the price for all of this is getting higher and higher each and everyday.
We all heard about Google reader getting into the users’ pants just as we all suffer from overload of adsense on our gmail.

The online world enjoys plenty of sharing-information platforms (which I am sure Google could have purchased). I don’t need another one by Google, especially if it’s going to influence its SERP (See You Tube acquisition by Google).

2. I’m tierd of the world trying to sell me things and I bet the knol platform would be full of not only valuable content but also google ads (rumors say one can decide whether to show or not to show adsense on his knol). No doubt it would be highly targeted and contextual and yet. No thanks. I think am sure I’ll  pass.

3. I’m tierd of people like me (SEO people) who just can’t hold theirselves from not abusing any social platform that comes in their way, especially if it is Google related. 🙂

* Knol = Google’s version for wikipedia focusing on the authors. 
   Still in beta.

Wiki SE, Top 10 Websites and Improved Google Maps

November 19, 2007

Some news highlights from the world of search…

Wiki Powered Search Engine
Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, had released some screen shots of his new wiki-based search engine. Rumors say it lookes very much like Facebook pages… 🙂

Top 10 Websites by Brand
According to Nielsen Online, these are the top 10 websites in terms of unique visitors and the time spent on sites:
1. Google
2. Yahoo!
3. Microsoft
4. MSN / Windows live
5. AOL Media Network
6. FOX Interactive Media
7. YouTube
8. eBay
9. Wikipedia
10. Amazon

Users (will) make Google Maps Better
From now on Google maps can be edited by their users, whether it’s to correct a location or add details about it, only for now it won’t get up on the net before it is reviewd by Google.
Of course all edits can be done only with a Google account…